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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Hand block printing on cotton fabric

Starting a new project...


  1. Super interesting start! What are you using for your color--ink or pigment? Are you bound to depart from the tar? And what is the basis for the form your repeating? The scale and ration choices that your making are great for navigating a repetitious form or pattern, but it always conjures the sort of narrative banner motif in my mind. I am super amped up to see how you finish these and how you are going to present them.

    You should check out David Reed. He did some paintings that were similar in aspect ratio and had a similar gestural mentality as your last body of work.

  2. Thanks Tom! It's pigment and tar. The repeated pattern is paisley which is the deformed pine tree and is a Persian symbol... Yes it is just a start of an idea and I have multiple paths to develop it.
    Thanks for introducing David Reed! I feel very connected to his work!!!! Wow!

  3. Looking good! What is the scale of the block you are using/how tall is the fabric?

  4. Thanks Amy! The blocks are 2.5 in by 1.5 in and 3.5 in by 2.5 in. The fabric is around 1 by 6.5 ft.